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living in the gap.
March 1, 2009, 1:50 pm
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This morning my pastor talked about how we sometimes use Jesus more as a ticket to heaven rather than a leader for our everyday life. Very interesting stuff and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the messages from this series. Something that struck me was his demonstration of the gap between us and God. Growing up in church, I’ve seen that little illustration a million times. You know, the one where “you” are on one cliff and “God” is on the other and there’s a big gap in between and “however can you reach God with the big gap between you?” Duh…you draw a cross connecting the two cliffs and call it “Jesus.” That, I get. I completely understand that the fall of man separated us from God in a way that we could never earn back on our own, hence Jesus sacrificing Himself for all of us.

That wasn’t the part of the demonstration that struck me. It’s where it went next that made me think.

He flipped around the “you” block to reveal the “current you” and he flipped around the “God” block to reveal the “imagined you.” The “current you” is just that…who you are now…in all your short-comings, faults, stupid decisions, imperfections, etc. The “imagined you” is who you are as God imagined you to be when He spoke you into creation. The “who you are in God’s image” you. And then, of course, there was still the gap.

I had never thought of this before. Sure, I get that Jesus came to connect me and my Father…but He ALSO came to connect the current me to God’s me. He came to bridge the gap between who I would be if I had control and who God wants me to be – a follower of His who glorifies Him in my love. I want to be God’s me.

I feel like Jesus has seemed somewhat missing from this journey I’ve been on. Well, not necessarily missing because I know He never leaves…more like…in the backseat. Obviously God has played a big part in the decisions I’ve made but I know I could invite Him to take control more than I have.

I’m hoping to learn a lot from the next couple of weeks on how to do that. I’m guessing I’ll be living quite possibly all of my life here on this earth in this gap between “current me” and “imagined me.” I know that living in that gap will be much easier with Jesus by my side rather than going at it alone.


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I like that last line. Amen to that!

Comment by SolShine7

More and more I am seeing the whole His glory thing…or trying to…ah hecl I’m just here reading and praying….

Comment by becky

That is beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing it.

The hardest thing for me was believing that the Lord of the Universe wanted a personal relationship with me. I felt to dirty and small for God.

It took me time, but once I was able to accept that he wanted to love me 24/7, that he wanted to give me advice every day, that he wanted to walk every step with me I was finally able to begin to walk with the authority of Christ.

It had to start with me accepting what he had to give. And I still struggle with this. I always wonder if I’m worthy of the blessing. But I’m working on it. And it’s making my life better by the moment. Right here on earth. What a revelation!

I pray that the Lord blesses you greatly today, and every day. 🙂 Your insight certainly has blessed me!

Comment by CindyK

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Comment by Alphonso

You know, if Jesus wasn’t in the process then I don’t think you’d be “struggling” so much. I often take the time, when I’m not in the middle of hard things, to thank God for conviction and struggle. Without either how would we know when we were off track? I think with my struggle Jesus has been involved because it’s been exactly that, a struggle. Without Jesus, I’d just be there, in the flesh, happy to be hiding in the secrets. So maybe that struggle is hard, and feels at times like you don’t have the “control” that you need. Praise Jesus that he is graceful and enjoys walking beside us, even in our darker moments. Praying for you friend

Comment by Hey

Your struggle to bridge the “gap” between who you are and who you think God intended you to be invites a question. Why is there a gap at all? If God is all-loving and all-powerful what would be the purpose of making you suffer in perceived imperfection? Is it not our faults that make us more forgiving of the faults in others?
It sounds as though Jesus is a positive influence in your life, providing you with hope and strength – you write of having him “by your side”. I can’t help but wonder if a person, someone who could share their thoughts with you might be even more valuable. For every struggle in my life there has been someone there, a family member, a friend, a colleague. Fallible, flawed human beings were there when I needed them and I try to return the favour.

Comment by Steven

That is such wonderful content. Thank you for sharing. I feel like so much of Christianity focuses on “how to get saved” but not what to do once we’ve “gotten there”. Its like our lives have 3 points: Birth, salvation moment, death/heaven. That’s it. So few modern people really understand the journey of faith or what God wants us to believe we can be or look like. Thank you for making this a little bit clearer by sharing.

Comment by M

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