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music moves me: part 3
May 1, 2011, 8:17 am
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One of the albums I’ve been wearing out lately is Sara Bareilles’s Kaleidescope Heart. Every songs speaks to me somehow and her style is my favorite. I also happen to think she’s just plain cool. Her personality on Twitter and during live shows is funny and dry and I love it.

I fell in love with “Gravity” almost as soon as I heard it. I mean how much emotion can you fit in one song? I then really discovered how much I liked Sara’s music a year and a half ago when she gave away a few live tracks for free as a “Christmas gift” to her fans. Listening to it always made a stressful day better and I began to look forward to her second album release.

As I listened to the new album last fall, one song specifically spoke to me right where I was at that point in my life. I was still fresh from my first Exodus conference and learning how to be more authentic with myself and the people around me. I was uncertain about a lot but confident in God and where He was leading me.

There are 2 lines that still stir something inside of me. One of those “are you in my head” moments.

If I were fearless, I’d speak my truth and the world would hear this, that’s what I wish I’d do

If my hands could hold them, you see, I’d take all these secrets in my and I’d move and mold them to be something I’d set free

The music and beat of this song is great too. Last time I saw her play live, it had been raining literally all day. The outdoor concert had been postponed almost 3 hours due to the weather. It kind of gave this song a new meaning too. A literal image of how God can rain down on us and “make a brand new ground” in our lives.